What will it look like?

EPA - How will it work?
Who will the EPA affect?

What will the EPA look like?
The EPA is outlined in the assessment plan for each standard. The assessment plan must explain what’s being assessed, how the apprentice will be assessed, and who will carry out the EPA – as well as indicate the quality assurance measures in place.

The EPA can take a range of forms:


End Point Assessment (EPA) is the name given to a series of tests an apprentice must take to prove their ability to do the job they have been training for. … In some Standard based apprenticeships the on-programme stage may include mandatory requirements, such as supporting qualifications

End Point Assessment. The purpose of the end point assessment (EPA) is to test that an apprentice is fully capable of doing their job before they receive their apprenticeship certificate. It also helps to demonstrate that what an apprentice has learned can be applied in the real world.