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They are work based training programmes designed around the needs of employers, which lead to national recognised qualifications.

You can use apprenticeships to train both new and existing employees. Funding is available to train apprentices.

Apprenticeships are designed by the Sector Skills Council (Part of the Skills for Business network), while the National Apprenticeship Service helps to fund the training.

Business representatives from the relevant industry sector work with the Sector Skills Councils to develop the course content and because they genuinely understand your business, the training will be relevant for your industry.

This is up to you. Most of the training is ‘on the job’ at your premises. The rest can be provided by KYP Consultancy.

We support many companies in pursuit of Continuous Professional Development requirements. Our service delivery provision provides a wide spectrum of Health and Social Care, Residential childcare and Supporting teaching and learning in school’s frameworks.

We promote the learner journey and provide observed accounts for employer support. Our adopted e-portfolio system (One File) is well regarded. Assigned Assessors to learners meet on a monthly basis, they will be provided with guidance and support for learners to complete framework units. Learners will engage within 1/2/1 or group discussions, and be observed for Work Based Learning (WBL) practice and self-development following awarding body guided learning hours framework.

What is the requirement for Guided Learning Hours? For each apprenticeship pathway, the apprentice must complete the required minimum Guided Learning Hours (GLH). This is listed in each framework document by pathway and level, and is broken down into on-the-job and off-the-job GLH. When apprenticeships take longer than a year to complete, a minimum of 280 GLH within the first year of the apprenticeship and at least 280 GLH (pro rata) in each subsequent year must be completed, as well as the overall GLH. Regardless of how long the apprenticeship takes, the minimum hours of guided learning listed in the framework must be met.

Guided Learning Hours can be attached to both the accredited and un-accredited parts of the apprenticeship and may include inductions, completion of the Employee Rights and Responsibilities workbook, reviews, training, the qualifications, career discussions, Personal, learning and thinking skills, functional skills or key skills and any other activities in which the learner is being guided.

If a learner has already achieved one of the qualifications required by an apprenticeship, then the Guided Learning Hours (GLH) attached to the qualification may be used towards the total GLH requirement. The number of required GLH for each qualification is specified in the framework documents. Other types of non-accredited learning undertaken prior to the start of the apprenticeship cannot be counted towards GLH requirements.