Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

KYP Know Your Potential Consultancy Ltd, as an approved ESFA provider of vocational learning from entry level upwards will provide appropriate impartial Information, Advice and Guidance service to potential candidates, current learners and employers at the initial contact and recruitment phase, whilst participating on programmes, and on exit from programmes.

Aims and Objectives of the KYP Know Your Potential Consultancy Ltd’s Information Advice and Guidance Service.

All learners to:

KYP service delivery provides impartial, responsive, friendly and enabling information, advice and guidance services to our learners. Being accessible and visible to our learners. Ensuring that our staff are professional and knowledgeable to address our learners’ needs. Supporting learners to be aware of relevant IAG services. Ensuring there are opportunities and directions for learners to explore the implications for both learning and work in their future career plans.