Children, Young People & Families Practitioner (L4 standard with L3 diploma) 

The duration of the standard is 24 months for those new to the role. The practical period is 1-18 months

This includes

  • L3 Diploma for Residential Childcare
  • Maths & English L2 FS
  • A portfolio of evidence including the following
  • Three or four specific cases the apprentice has dealt with that demonstrate evidence of assessment, planning, implementation and review. Specific evidence could include assessments, action plans, case notes, supervision records, reports or records produced as part of the implementation of the work activity, reviews of cases and evidence of issues and resolution in the implementation of action plans
  • Evidence of the values and behaviours that the apprentice has displayed whilst undertaking their activities, such as witness testimonies, feedback from children, young people and families and partner agency colleagues, manager observations
  • A minimum of three recorded observations of practice and a maximum of five.
  • Any continuing professional development undertaken during the apprenticeship period.

The end point assessment EPA will then take place within months 22-24, this consists of a 3 hour visit to the learner’s place of work by the EPA assessor comprising of the following:

  1. Observation of practice by independent assessor in apprentice’s own workplace setting
  2. Competence interview with independent assessor.