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Creative Practice

A contribution to knowledge is more like dictionary definition.

Your research and/or writing helps to advance understandings about a topic.

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Pillars of tertiary student engagement

The notion of the ‘student experience’ in higher education has a long and rich history. Systematic measuring of the student experience has historically focused on pedagogical approaches, educational practices, and student evaluations of teaching practice.

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Employee Wellbeing

Employee workplace wellbeing, which can be viewed as positive sentiments experienced at work, can be used as an indicator to measure the mental health of staff in an organisation.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional awareness and emotional management – skills that give the ability to maintain a healthy balance of emotion and rationality to achieve long–term happiness

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Theoretical Framework

The effect of educational inclusion goes beyond the classroom; it may be viewed as a concern to promote the right to equal opportunity as a fundamental value of a fair and just society.

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Although research on the self-efficacy beliefs of medical students is of great interest in medical education, no attempts have been made to systematically review the research and examine the validity of the measurement tools used in the research.

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