Approved training provider KYP Know Your Potential Consultancy UKPRN 10032315 & City and Guilds 067890

Registered Organisations who want to deliver education and training need to register with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) and obtain a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN). KYP UKPRN (10032315) is registered on the ESFA e-tendering portal (Bravo). This enables KYP to deliver education and training on behalf of the ESFA and the register of apprenticeship training providers.

We are an accredited centre with City & Guilds (067890). KYP works alongside the U.K English Government to develop a strategic relationship to enhance an integrated learning environment. This strategy is reviewed by regional colleges through quantitative and qualitative data analysis in the pursuit of transforming existing workplace service delivery. Lester & Costley (2010) suggests, assessment within work-based learning methods should be deemed valid, and not inhibit the learning culture, driven by a collaborative iterative process firstly driven by the learner, and transdisciplinary measures. KYP organisation educators pursue emerging and development of knowledge, promote reflection and present a link between practice and student achievement. Work-based learners are meeting generic assessment criteria, supporting the supposition that learnt knowledge is relevant to the module criteria including guided learning hours are delivered correctly.

KYP service delivery staff conduct underpinning knowledge sessions, observations of practice, interview learners and present scenarios through standardisation meetings to elicit current difficulties, including ideas and developing strategies to support learner engagement. Audits from City & Guilds awarding body have highlighted the following commentary:

‘‘The centre has specific assessment methods which they implement to support individual learning needs. There is also good evidence of learner feedback records, these are completed by the learner and include feedback on how the learner has been inducted, their understanding of the appeals procedure, how assessor feedback is received and how they feel that they are progressing.’’  – C&G EQA 2019