Learner Development

The one question remains:

Will an integrated work-based learning model increase academic achievement in pursuit of a change to the Work based learning delivery?  The question is can we as Action Researchers and educators collectively promote confidence and non-anxiety towards previous supportive emotional (Bowlby 2005) learning attachments? (WBL) research observation of practice supports a collaboration towards interprofessional learning in pursuit of knowledge that is known [explored] and shared.

Stringer (2014) suggest Action research “is not a panacea for all ills and does not resolve specific problems but provides a means for people to more clearly understand their situations and to formulate effective solutions to problems they face” (Stringer, 2014, p. 8). This paper questions are there measurements of an effective and efficient range of outcomes for learners? For example, audit control towards observations of individuals or group (McDonald et al. 2009) reports that interprofessional collaboration including new knowledge contributions are a necessity for teamwork becoming efficient.

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