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Healthcare settings – Work Based Learning

The ‘rites of passage’ according to Manokore et al.(2019) & Levett- Jones et al (2009) identified WBL HCA Nurse progress towards workplace competence and service delivery for a far more expanded and beneficial health care service

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funded training - ESFA, 2019a

Pre-COVID-19 Apprenticeships

The new apprenticeship regulations (ESFA, 2019a) and, in particular, the stipulation that all funded training must be off-the-job, was designed to address past abuses of

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‘How do we assess’

Introduction Assessment is a critical endeavour with implications for students, universities, industry and the wider community. The measurement of student learning, however, presents many challenges,

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Adult Training

The adult training project monitors and reviews adult learning trends and policy developments, focusing on how work-based learning helps people develop the skills that give them greater chances of finding jobs and improving their careers.

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